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Welcome to Marin Shotokan Karate-Do!

Our dojo is the Kenkojuku school of Shotokan Karate-Do.

Master Okano, Kenkojuku's founder, began his training under Yoshitaka Funakoshi, the third son of Gichin Funakoshi, and individual responsible for the further perfection of Shotokan waza. He joined Shotokan in 1941. In 1942, Okano-Sensei established the "Kenko-Kai" karate-Do Research Organization, the forerunner of "Kenkojuku". Master Okano founded Kenkojuku in 1945, based on the principles of modesty (humbleness), fostering a gentle kind heart, and to endeavor in the training with one-another while maintaining a Kenkojuku school spirit. O-Sensei-Funakoshi attended the opening ceremony.

Kenkojuku is a member of the Japan Karate Federation (Zen Nihon Karatedo Renmei), which is made up of Shotokan, Shitoryu, Goju-ryu and Wado Ryu.

Each of the styles has designated kata, assigned by the JKF. Shotokan: Jion and Kanku Dai, Shito Ryu: Bassai Dai and Seienchin, Goju Ryu: Saifa and Seipai, and Wado Ryu: Chinto and Seishan.

Shotokan has fifteen "common sense" kata: Heian 1-5, Tekki 1-3, Jitte, Jion, Hangetsu, Kanku Dai, Enpi, Gankaku, and Bassai Dai. In general, kata are divided into Shorei Ryu and Shorin Ryu styles. Shorin Ryu may be characterized as having quick waza (technique), stressing the importance of balance. Shorei Ryu, on the other hand, is typically powerful, has slow waza with legs and hips as the center, with emphasis on strength and accentuated breathing.

In terms of Shorin and Shorei, the fifteen Shotokan kata are categorized in the following manner: Shorin: Bassai Dai, Enpi and Gankaku and Shorei: Tekki 1-3, Jitte, Hangetsu and Jion.

Here, at the Marin Shotokan dojo, we also teach the various "advanced" Shotokan kata, i.e., Meikyo, Unsu, Nijushiho, Sochin, Bassai Sho, etc. Other kata included in the curriculum are: Ten no kata, Chi no kata, Jin no kata Sho, and Jin no kata Dai.

Kobudo (Bo, Jo, Sai, Nunchaku, and sword) and Taijutsu (grappling technique) training is also available.

More to come! In the Kenko Journal, we'll be discussing fighting techniques, kata, tournaments, health, training, etc. You name it!

Remember: skill and insight come only from consistent and regular practice!

Respectfully, and Yours in Budo,
-John Egan